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Introducing BlogBettr

I am very, very excited to be launching BlogBettr. This is a project which I’ve been working on on-and-off for the best part of three years and my aim is to make it your go-to site for actionable, buzzword-free and practical advice on how to improve your blogging.

I first started thinking seriously about launching a site like this back in 2011. I was fed up that all these “blogging tips” sites were either just publishing either stuff that was mind-numbingly obvious 1 or just so ridiculously buzzwordey that it was impossible to extract any value from the last five minutes you’d just spent reading a post 2.

This is sadly still very much a problem. I know of very few “blogging tips” blogs which treat their readers as adults and put forward new and innovative ideas and tips. I’m trying to make that site with BlogBettr.


This is a 100% accurate representation of my life when writing for BlogBettr.

I’ll be looking at three main topics:  blogging, social media and marketing . They all (obviously) overlap and are what I think are the three key components to a successful blog.

I’ve got a lot of experience with blogging and I’m relatively confident I can pull this one off. When I was writing the about page I was trying to work out when it was I started blogging, and I’m pretty sure it was about seven years ago. I’m twenty, to put a bit of context on that.

As you may know I started my first “big” blog, WPShout four-or-so years ago and through building that site I learned a hell of a lot. I built the site up to ~three and a half thousand subscribers and almost exactly twelve months ago, just before I started University I sold up. It was my “baby” but I needed a fresh challenge and something different.

The need to try something different was in part driven by the ten months I spent at Miniclip, which a year ago had just drawn to a close. I was a member of the three-person strong Social Team and during my time there I pretty much learned from scratch how social media marketing worked. By the end of my time there I’d like to think we were definitely on the industry’s leading edge.

I’ve always been fascinated by marketing – I can’t go into a supermarket without hyperanalysing the position of every item in the store – and the combination of social media, blogging and marketing is something I find really cool. The people who can nail all three of those things are the people who are really good at blogging. With BlogBettr I want to bring that to everyone.

To kick off I’ve written a book. Like, a whole book. And I say written as though I’ve finished it, which I haven’t. So I’m writing a book. It’s called Level Up Your Blog: Content Marketing for Real People and I’ve tried to fill it with everything I would have wanted to know when I was starting out blogging all those years ago. It’s a primer on how to be great at blogging, basically.

The book should be finished in the next couple of weeks and if you join the BlogBettr newsletter you’ll get a free copy of it when it’s finished and weekly blogging gems in your inbox too. You just need to enter your email below:

I wrote a book containing   everything I know  about blogging, social media and marketing*.

*And I haven’t quite finished yet. But it’s going to be finished very shortly and it’s got everything I wish I knew when I was starting out, the stuff that gives your blog an edge over everyone else.

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You’re going to learn a lot from this site and I’m going to learn a lot from this site. I’m very excited. I hope you are too.


  1. Did you know that in order to get your social media followers to visit your site you should post when you have a new blog post out?
  2. Publish at 2pm on a Tuesday cause this post was published at 2pm on a Tuesday and YOU’RE READING IT SO THIS 10000% WORKS.

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Everything I wished I knew about blogging, social media and marketing. Get a free copy of my book when you join the weekly newsletter:

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